//The Gold Rush//

//Mathilde Frachon – "The Gold Rush" by Benjamin Kanarek – Harpers Bazaar China January 2011 //

Lite jul- & nyårsinspiration... Galet fint att kombinera rött med guld! 

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Anonym sa...

Please Quote the Source Link and Artist of all Copy-written Material.


Thank You and Merry Christmas :-)

-Marushka- sa...

Sorry! I didn´t remember where I found the pics.. I apologize.
Merry christmas!

Anonym sa...

No problem and Merry Christmas to you as well...I will send you the Haute Couture shoot I am doing in the New Year for BAZAAR...Just remind me and send me a little note. info@benjaminkanarekblog.com

-Marushka- sa...

Wow! Really looking forward to it! Thanks! Have a nice weekend :-)

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